Seo optimization tools

In this section you will find some great free tools that will surely save you time, money and effort, in your search for the best internet marketing and search engine optimization software and tools. Be sure to check back occassionally, because we’ll be adding more free marketing tools.

Metatag Generators
This free online tool is one of the most complete meta tag generators you’ll find on the web. It’s designed so that even a beginner can optimize their meta tags to achieve a higher search engine ranking, complete with explanations, suggestions, and tips. A good set of meta tags helps to ensure that (most) search engines will crawl and index your site the way you’d like and that all of the data they may require for your site to achieve a higher ranking is made available to them.

GamblingMasters’ Metatag Generator

Reverse IP Tool
This tool shows you the IP address of the site. We recommend these tools:
Whois IP Checker ( – Sustitute the IP for the one you want to find out)
Whois Reverse IP Tool (Limited to 3 free sites. It requires suscription).
Keyword Density Checker
This tool helps you to analyze what search engines exactly see in your webpage’s keyword density. It has word filters and can ignore certain word lengths.We recommend you this tool:

Keyword Suggestion Tools
Choosing the right keywords and key phrases to target in your pages is extremely important in order to help people find your website. Not sure whether the keywords and phrases you have in mind are those that internet surfers would actually use? Want to see how many times a day people actually do use your them? Want suggestions for other similar keywords and phrases in order to cover all bases? We recommend you these excellent tools:

Creating Online’s Keyword Suggestion Tool
Overture’s Suggestion Tool
Google’s Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool
ESpotting Suggestion
Search Engine Submitter
The automatic search engine submitters are free submission and promotion tools that automatically submit your website to an interesting number of popular search engines. We recommend you these tools:

Search Factor Site Submitter
Site Owner Submission Tool

Check Google Page Rank
View the PageRank of any website easily. We recommend you this tool:

Page Rank Checker

Check Alexa Page Rank
Check the Alexa page ranking of any web site, plus get the three month ranking average and one month average page views per user.

Creating Online Alexa Ranking Checker