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GamblingMasters is pleased to introduce the best articles and reviews by Frank Scoblete, the number-one best-selling gaming author in America. He is executive director of the Golden Touch advantage-play seminars in craps and blackjack. Scoblete has written some great books, such as Forever Craps: The Five-Step Advantage-Play Method, Guerrilla Gamlbing, and Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos: How to Play Craps and Win, among many others.

Frank writes for over 40 magazines, newspapers and websites in America, Europe, Canada, and the Islands, including Jackpot, Casino Magazine in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Midwest Gaming and Travel, Casino Player, Gaming South. He has appeared on and been a consultant for many television networks including the Discovery Channel, CNN, TBS, The Travel Channel, ABC, Walter Cronkite, and A&E. He has also done consulting work for IGT and Silicon Gaming, among others. He is also a commentator on The Goodtimes Show on WMC, 790 AM in Memphis.

Below you will find all the most interesting gambling secrets and techniques revealed, and great advices on how to improve your playing skills and become a winner.
So What’s Normal on the Machines?

One of the great ways to tell that someone is completely, thoroughly, and hopelessly insane is to see if he or she doggedly does the same thing over and over the same way time and time again – even if it doesn’t work, hasn’t worked, and will never work.

Can You Get a Real Edge at Craps?

Nobody is perfect; not even casinos. In the early 1950s when blackjack was merely a secondary, albeit profitable, game, no one in the casino industry thought that the game could be beaten. The game made money so everyone figured it must always favor the casino. Dealers Shouldn’t Play a Private Game

I happen to be an exception to the craps-playing rule that crowded is best. I like playing at tables where there are only a few players; while most craps players hate to be alone at a table and usually seek cramped conditions in order to court Lady Luck.  Hitchcock, Blackjack and Suspense

The great film director Alfred Hitchcock made a fine distinction between a great thrill and great suspense when it came to matters of entertainment.  In Baccarat Bigger is Better!

Most intelligent people would scoff if they were told the above cliches were true. After all, bigger isn’t better when it comes to heart attacks. The large-size pimples on the teenager’s cheek aren’t more of a love enhancer than the small ones.